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About Us

Escritório de Consultoria e Comunicação

We are ready since 2003, when ECCO was created, to offer our clients the best service we can. Thinking of good communication solutions at the right time and intensity is what move us on. We are more than an office specialized in consultancy and communication, we love what we do. Our DNA is based on creativity, responsibility, ethics and planning. To supply necessities, protect and improve brands is more than our job; it is our desire and inspiration. That is the way ECCO works.

About who does it



Journalist with a post-graduate degree in Political Sociology and an MBA in Marketing from the Superior School in Advertisement and Marketing from São Paulo. She worked in newspapers and in Veja, the most important weekly magazine in Brazil for 8 years. She was the director and editor of Tourism and Investment magazines published in Brasil. She was responsible for the establishment and content coordination of the Diga-me Institute of Online Researches. Silvania has also been a communication consultor for public companies and financial institutions.



Journalist with passages in the newspapers the “Estado de São Paulo”, “Jornal da Tarde” and electronic magazine “Consultor Jurídico (UOL)”. He was a photojournalism professor with a Latu-Sensu postgraduate degree in Communication Process Management by ECA / USP. Has professional experience acquired in communication companies working in the following areas: Corporate (Retail, Financial, Business, Law); Press relations and relationship (development of projects, planning, implementation of communication processes, relationship with Press, Crises); Public Relations, Consulting and political advice in electoral campaigns (communication strategy, image development).

About what we do

We develop communication plans and strategies to companies and governmental and political institutions. Our activities are done by specialized professionals in many areas, such as marketing and communication management. All of this is achieved by concerning our client’s priorities. ECCO offers solutions according to each client’s necessities, in order to to build a good public image of the brands involved.

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