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Grand Lakes Veículos consolidates its leadership in Angola

Grand Lakes

Company celebrates record sales of 10,000 VW trucks and buses

Grand LakesGrand Lakes Veículos was built in Luanda 15 years ago

Grand Lakes Veículos, Volkswagen Camiões e Autocarros dealership for 15 years, celebrates the milestone of 10,000 units sold in the main African market. Headquartered in Luanda and branches in Benguela, Huíla and Cabinda, the Adone Holding subsidiary is preparing to expand its heavy vehicle sales operations. With the resale of auto parts at the GL Parts Store, located in Patriota.

The group’s units employ more than 200 professionals and the brand is recognized among the main companies in the country.“It makes us proud to participate in the history of Angola’s development and improve the quality of life for Angolans”, emphasizes José Maurício Caldeira, member of the Board of Directors of Adone Holding. In May, Grand Lakes received the “Outstanding Innovation – High Performance Program” award, granted by Volkswagen do Brasil to importers in Latin America and Africa. In the company’s results, sales of Constellation and Delivery trucks stand out. Recently, the country reached the mark of 1,500 Volksbuses, used mainly for the program to restructure urban mobility and improve public transport for the entire population. “We are grateful to the Angolan people for being able to participate in the country’s progress, in order to improve the citizens’ quality of life”, points out the chairman of the Board of Directors of Adone Holding, José Roberto Colnaghi.


Public transportation

Since 2019, Grand Lakes has been working in partnership with local government and technology and mobility experts on the Regular Urban Passenger Transport Project (TURP). In addition to mapping and defining the main operational routes for urban and interprovincial public transport, the project selects bus stops in order to allow more people to enjoy the service. “Given the good perspectives of development in Angola in the coming years, the objective is that our activities should also evolve a lot in the country, which makes us very happy, because we are part of that history and we grew up with the Angolans”, evaluates Geraldo Kulaif, director from Grand Lakes.



Since 2022, the company has also participated in the Integrated Program for the Development of Rural Commerce (PIDCR), led by the federal government to improve the distribution of goods in the most remote areas. So far, the partnership has contributed to the acquisition of 200 used vehicles in rural areas.

For 17 years, garbage collection in Angola has been carried out with trucks purchased from Grand Lakes, which also provides technical assistance to the government to operate the service.

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