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Brazilian startup launches game to play on the blockchain

Reward Hunters Token Game arrives in the United States

Reward Hunters Token Game arrives in the United States with a medieval setting and its own cryptocurrency.

Reward Hunters Token Game arrives in the United States

Reward Hunters Token launches in the United States the first Brazilian game integrated to the Blockchain market focused on player Vs player battles: Battle of Sotiras. “We gathered what is most competitive in Battle Royale and linked it to a single game within the Blockchain”, announces Leandro Baccari, head of the Brazilian company. His expertise in uniting information technology and business skills meant that the game’s launch already arrived with renowned partnerships and attracted the attention of the international market.

“We structured a game for professional gamers and for those who are looking to discover this new market and as we are integrated with Blockchain we offer players the ability to earn rewards in the Binance Smart Chain (BEP 20), which is our partner in this endeavor”, details Baccari .

Among the characters in Battle of Sotiras, from the Reward Hunters Token, four stand out as bounty hunters: Venandi, the archer; Diana the Druid; Orion, the knight and Anabelle, the sorceress. They were made available in Beta version.

The game uses the playtoearn system, in which players can not only control game assets, but also trade and sell them. Thus, GameFi platforms allow users to earn rewards consisting of NFTs and tokens. These tokens can be used on integrated markets and traded on exchanges. The minimum amount to enter is 10,000 $RHT tokens or about US$10.

Enabled for iOS and Android, Battle of Sotiras is a battle in a medieval setting with several avatars. Players face off “head to head” or in a group: up to four people where the last “alive” is the winner. The in-game currency is the RHT token, which allows the purchase of various equipment and is also the qualification for Binance Coin (BNB) rewards.

The characters are free, but they only enter the competition armed and these equipments are purchased in RHT. “For the launch, including this dissemination phase in the United States, we have enabled 1,800 weapons”, says Baccari. “It’s not much for the estimated potential, it’s the safest thing for us to grow with quality since the weapons are made available as we mint them in NFT”, he explains.
In the next phase, scheduled for 2022, the creators plan to include weekly betting events and championships, with the possibility of winnings for professional and curious gamers.

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