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Greenplac invests in a new production front and starts activities of a formaldehyde factory

With the verticalization of the production process, we gained competitiveness and also improved the level of service, which naturally tends to result in commercial growth sustainable development for Greenplac," concluded José Roberto Colnaghi. 
The investment in the production of the indispensable input for the manufacture of MDF is another step towards the brand’s self-sufficiencysays José Roberto Colnaghi about Greenplac

Since the beginning of its activities in 2018, Greenplac has not slowed down in its journey to conquer more and more space in the Brazilian MDF market. Today, established among the major players in the field in the country and present in more than 180 sale points, the brand has invested in the self-sufficiency of its production processes with a new formaldehyde factory. “We continue to invest in Greenplac’s growth and improve our processes to deliver a superior and differentiated product to the MDF market,” says José Roberto Colnaghi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asperbras, of which Greenplac is one of the subsidiaries.

In the installation phase inside the Greenplac industrial plant, in Água Clara (MS), since the end of last year, the factory went through an intense round of tests throughout the first months of 2021 and, in May, started its activities.

In addiction to expansions in the cultivation of certified eucalyptus, the implementation of the resin plant and the acquisition of a coatind press, the investments, together, resulted in an increase in the production capacity from 250 thousand cubic meters to 300 thousand cubic meters of MDF per year.

“We know that the quality of the raw material directly influences the final product that reaches the homes and stores of our partners and customers. Therefore, with the new resin and formaldehyde factories, we have further strengthened the quality of our production”, declared José Roberto Colnaghi, director of Greenplac.

“Furthermore, with the instability of the market over the last year, these investments put Greenplac in a position of greater security, capable of guaranteeing the supply of the necessary inputs for our daily production”, added José Roberto Colnaghi.

The evolution and improvement of the brand’s manufacturing complex did not stop there. The new coating press, with a production capacity of 6 thousand cubic meters per month, has already been implemented and it is in full operation.

“Thinking about the excellence and efficiency of each aspect of production, we also increased the shipping and storage space to an additional 8,500 square meters, thus facilitating the entry and exit of product trucks and streamlining the transportation of inputs and delivery of MDF from the factory”, revealed José Roberto Colnaghi.

In July, the production space will undergo new machinery upgrades, with the installation of an impregnator. “We believe that from the second half of the year onwards, we will have this differential that will provide us with greater self-sufficiency and even more competitiveness in the market,” guaranteed Colnaghi. 

In addition to the self-sufficiency that the vertical integration of processes will provide to the MDF company, all these innovations and changes help the brand to invest in the creation of more products and in increasing its strategic position at each point of sale.

“Another highlight on investment in applications is the possibility of expanding our operations to regions where Greenplac did not yet have a presence. With the verticalization of the production process, we gained competitiveness and also improved the level of service, which naturaly tends to result in commercial growth sustainable development for Greenplac” concluded José Roberto Colnaghi.


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