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José Roberto Colnaghi’s Greenplac celebrates two years with big achievements and the expansion of the business

In its first year, Greenplac had already solidified itself as Brazil’s MDF producing industry and in 2020, the company celebrates its second year in the market. With more achievements than ever before, José Roberto Colnaghi‘s MDF company stands out for its pioneering spirit, innovation and quality in products and services.

“The implementation of the plant and the growth of our brand have been a great learning curve for these past two years,” says José Roberto Colnaghi, Asperbras Group’s CEO. “All of the challenges and achievements we had brought immense joy to all of those involved in our company’s success story.”

Today, Greenplac is heading towards its consolidation in the market with the expansion of business: in addition to the launch of new standards, the company inaugurates two plants in 2020 – the resin plant, which is already in operation, and the formaldehyde plant, which will start its activities in this second semester. 

New web series #GreenplacMDF shines a light on Greenplac’s production process

Along with the new plants and the expansion of the business, Greenplac has also invested in a new web series#GreenplacMDF. The videos, available on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, show in a transparent way how the company’s MDF production process is: from the planting of the eucalyptus to the transportation and delivery of the panels to customers and resellers around the country.

The videos, available on all social networks and the company’s official YouTube channel, show in detail the company’s dedication to manufacturing environmentally responsible and modern products, in addition to all the technology used in Greenplac plants.

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