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Asperbras expands its investments in 2020, announces José Maurício Caldeira

José Maurício Caldeira speak about Abitte Urbanismo

The economic recovery that Brazil has been undergoing since the start of the year is already well underway at Asperbas. New investments in industrial factories and product diversification in several areas are part of the menu planned for 2020. “We believe in economic recovery and we are expanding investments,” says José Maurício Caldeira, from Asperbras.

Asperbras’ shareholder and board member, José Maurício Caldeira, highlights the segments in which the growth strategy is focused. GreenPlac, a subsidiary dedicated to the manufacturing of  MDF, opens in March a factory for urea-formaldehyde resin, one of the inputs used in the production of the panels. In August, it starts activities at a unit that will produce another raw material – formaldehyde.

“With the production of these essential raw materials, the company will gain self-sufficiency,” analyzes José Maurício Caldeira. In other words, it will have its own production of all the components necessary for the manufacture of MDF: wood, from the 12 thousand acres of their own eucalyptus plantations; electric energy in the company’s electric power plant in Guarapuava (PR), generated from biomass by burning wood waste; use of reuse water and own sources; and the resin. Also, the company expands its catalogue this year, with the Freijó Amazonas, Bali and Pietra Bronze panels, part of the brand’s consolidation strategy.

Other companies in the group also bring news in 2020. In this first semester, the Bonolat dairy starts the activities of a new factory, installed in Penápolis (SP). The unit has 100 thousand square meters, of which 20 thousand square meters are of built area and brings the latest in technology for the manufacture of its products.

Abitte Urbanismo is preparing for the opening of the residential condominium Adisa Birigui I, in the interior of São Paulo. Located in Birigui, in the interior of São Paulo, the project has 147 thousand m².

In addition, in a segment that originated the group, Asperbras Tubos e Conexões has consolidated itself as one of the major suppliers of products for the sanitation and irrigation sector in Brazil. In the irrigation market, the company achieved a 40% growth margin in sales compared to 2018.

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